The importance of hiring a licensed plumber.

Why should I hire a licensed plumber?

Tackling home improvement projects, yourself may seem like a great way to cut costs. But one wrong mistake, and you’ll pay the price.

Plumbing requires the knowledge of drain, water, sewer and gas lines. It also involves the dexterity to handle mechanics in extremely tight spaces. Taking on these projects yourself can cause major problems down the road.

The Benefits of Hiring a  licensed Plumber

1. EXPERIENCE – First and foremost, a licensed plumber is more experienced than your average Joe. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing this isn’t their first rodeo. Licensed Plumbers undergo an extensive amount of training to become experts in their field. First, they must become an apprentice and accumulate a specific amount of experience hours. Some states require basic coursework prior taking the licensing exam while others also require continuing education to stay updated on building codes, equipment and safety procedures. And to obtain a license, they must pass a criminal background check, testing and certification by the state licensing board and carry the appropriate form of contractor’s insurance.

A qualified plumber not only knows the tools of the trade but keep themselves up to date on the latest strategies and products.

2. COST EFFECTIVENESS – Consider the costs associated with damage repair and the risks involved with hiring a general contractor. You’ll save more in the long-term with a professional getting it right the first time. It’s actually much wiser to enlist a plumber when the problem is still minor. More so, by giving your system a routine checkup. A professional plumber not only has vital knowledge to tackle the issue, but the proper resources to provide a long-term solution rather than a “quick fix.” For instance, the average handyman may not be aware of your building code requirements or which products provide the best overall value. Faulty recommendations can lead to more repairs or affect the value of your home. Additionally, they may take shortcuts or use risky practices to complete the project.

Hiring an unlicensed plumber, there’s guarantee the contractor has the skills, training or even requirements to ensure your plumbing meets state code. Incorrect repairs can also cause injury, illness and property damage if you’re not careful. This is one of many reasons why plumbing professionals are strictly regulated.

3. BUILDING COMPLIANCE – A professional plumber is familiar with building codes and will ensure your home or business is compliant. If you opt for a handyman who may not be aware of your building code requirements, you’re risking state fines, penalties and your insurance company may also deny claims to your plumbing equipment.

Licensed plumbers have the knowledge of which products provide the best overall value. Faulty recommendations can lead to more repairs or affect the value of your home.

4. Health & SAFETY – Dirty water is no laughing matter. Waterborne diseases are a real thing and can cause serious problems. It’s crucial having a healthy plumbing system to ensure clean water is flowing through your home. Plumbing appears easy, but in truth, it’s more complicated than it looks.

Using an unlicensed plumber can run the risk of contaminating your water supply by installing water heaters, softeners, boilers and silcocks improperly. Seemingly small mistakes like these can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Because of this, water heater manufacturers require licensed plumbers to install the products. Otherwise, the manufacturer warranty may be void.


Superior does not recommend waiting for an emergency to contact a plumber. As with every piece of equipment, maintenance and prevention is the key.

A home is a large investment. preventing plumbing issues at the start can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars (and headaches) down the road. Our qualified team at Superior Mechanical can help you identify any areas of concern and maintain a healthy system. Reach out to us at 507-289-0029 for an overall analysis of your system today.