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The construction industry is changing rapidly with new technology, and different types of products being introduced to us on almost a daily basis. It was not that long ago when cell phones were rare on job sites but today everyone seems to have one in their pocket.

Superior University is here to provide tools to keep us moving forward together!

Staying Superior

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In 2017, Superior Mechanical created a computer-based Learning Center with the goal to provide continuous education for all of our employees.

To begin, Superior University creates a consistent baseline for the education of new employees. The coursework assists in providing an understanding of who we are and what we represent to our clients.

All employees are automatically assigned an education profile and classes are regularly added to create a specialized curriculum.

Ongoing training at all levels of the company assists employees to work smarter, work safer, and work up to their individual potential.

Superior University Rochester, MN
Superior University Rochester, MN
Superior University Rochester, MN

The Learning Center Includes:

  • A 700-square-foot space complete with ten individual computer workstations that are available 7 days/week regardless of Superior office hours. COMING SOON: employees will have the option to login remotely on personal devices for added convenience.
  • Classroom space when required for group training.
  • Tailor-made coursework developed for all levels of experience.
  • Training for a variety of topics including safety, code issues, advanced education, and more.
  • Individualized training schedules with live progress tracking.
  • Flexible scheduling to allow employees to complete assigned courses at his/her own pace.

Superior University offers all employees the training they desire and need to move forward on their chosen career path. Our goal is to create an environment where employees are valued and their needs are met.