Superior Scholarship

The Superior Scholarship program is open to all employees as well as employees spouses, children, and grandchildren. We believe in supporting employees with personal growth and growth for their families.


  • Superior employees who have been employed for at least 3 years. Spouses, children, and grandchildren are also eligible.
  • Retired employees who were employed for 10 years or more. Dependents are also eligible.

Application Guidelines

All written applications must contain the following:

  • A detailed statement of career objectives that specifies your field of study and future career plans.
  • Goals that can be accomplished by the education you are/will receive.
  • An overview of your financial need and demands of the proposed education.
  • An overview of the direct costs you will incur (less scholarships, grants, and tuition reimbursement) during your education.
  • A brief autobiography outlining previous academic accomplishments, including strengths and challenges, work experience, extracurricular accomplishments, awards and recognition, and any other significant events.
  • Three supporting letters of recommendation. These letters must be from a school, a community organization, or a past/present employer. Letters from personal friends and relatives will not be considered.
  • Outline of work history.
  • [For employees only] A description of how Superior Mechanical will benefit from your education.
  • [For spouses/dependants] An outline of your relationship with Superior Mechanical and how this relationship has affected you personally.

Further details and criteria can be found in the employee handbook or by reaching out to the office. Please remember to take advantage of this amazing benefit should this fit your or your family's needs.

After you've gathered the information above, please submit your application via email to Amy Hoven using the button below by December 08, 2023.